Great Experience. Fairway was the best mortgage company I have used in over ten buys in the past 30 years.
– Frank S.

We appreciated your straightforward and realistic responses. That really built our trust in you.
– Piotr & Krista

Ken was so knowledgeable and had so many different charts that were helpful to us. I am a former loan officer and couldn’t have done a better job myself!
– Bob & Cindie

Ken has always given superior service well before and after the sale.
– Mark & Heather K.

You made the first-time home buyer experience painless for myself and my parents. Thank you for your assistance and be assured that I will contact you again with the purchase of my second home.
– Lauren D.

Super fast service. Small team = personal and meaningful service. I felt important throughout the process, not just a bystander. Loan was secured in under 15 days. Loved the “small” team and 1:1 contact.
– Jessica L.

Everything went smoothly and everyone worked well with us and our Realtor! When we had questions, Ken always answered them fully without making us feel dumb! From the first time we met him, he treated us in a way that made us feel comfortable and confident in him and Fairway.
– Marty & Mary R.

A mortgage is a big deal. Not having to worry about the process is huge.
– Marcus & Heather G.